Birgit Dunkel





madonnen /madonnas
doc X –artgirls/Malpensa/Löwenkampf – academy awards
1997 / 1998 /2000
Color-Laser-Print on Paper,  size max. 18 x 28 cm, 2001
Edition 1 / 20

The madonna series is a photographic project which reflects the astonishing discrepancies of the role and conditions of real motherhood on one hand and the influence of the christian madonna icon on our thinking on the other.

The project was developed from 1996 till 2001. It was shown in 2001 with large format printing sizes in original big churches in Hamburg and Berlin. After that, it was shown in a big secular building during the documenta XI in Kassel/Germany.

Hamburg, Oct. 2016
Birgit Dunkel


The artist Birgit Dunkel works since her studies of visual communication as a freelance artist with the different media: photography, film, performance, installation and words. In her complex projects, she combines aesthetic and social-political aspects to a interdiscipline composition with a philosophical content. In her projects: ‚madonnas‘, ‚Blanche – the 20.century‘, the ‚Greenfield Theory‘, ‚9/11 – Dangerous Liaisons‘, Bi’s Cruising Tours 05 – 16′, ‚memory effect‘ and ’sin-scape–xin-shape‘ she negotiates the borders of Genres and connects her high demand for aesthetic quality with those for the relevance of meaning. Exhibitions – single and group shows: Martin Gropius Bau Berlin, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Kunsthalle Villa Kobe, Halle (Saale), Castle Bellevue, Kassel,                   G+J, Hamburg, u.a.

Lives and works in Hamburg und Berlin/Germany