Maren Floesser






eat me – feed me
Mixed media, size variable,
Frankfurt, 2016


Floessers „eat me – feed me“ (2016) assemblage is in a nutshell a metaphoric reference to Bruce Nauman installation «Anthro-Socio» from 1992.

Since you have Floessers artwork in front of you, here you can get inspired by a copy of Naumans work description:
On three projection surfaces and six monitors, one sees the head of a man shown in different takes. While continually revolving about his own axis, in a variety of tonalities he sings «FEED ME/ EAT ME/ ANTHROPOLOGY,» «HELP ME/ HURT ME/ SOCIOLOGY,» and «FEED ME, HELP ME, EAT ME, HURT ME».
In order to grasp the full effect of the installation «Anthro/Socio,» the space has to be entered.
The calls heard from different directions irritate as much as the contradictory demands, aimed at the simplest of bodily needs and questioning them at the same time. The repetition of the alarming singsong, and multiple video shots of the singer, also create a disturbing moment.
In «Anthro/ Socio,» not only because of the all-encompassing sensual experience does the viewer become part of the artwork; the installation also encourages viewers to give thought to the inherent qualities of subjects and objects, and to human beings in society.

Floessers second reference is a youtube game called Eat me! Feed me! Installed by a gamer named Kwebbelkop. See and research yourself. Have fun!

Frankfurt, Oct. 2016
Maren Floesser


Shows (Selection)

2010      “Hot spot – fried egg” Site specific Project, Hamburg
2008      Kunstprojekte Portikus „“demalletrotz“
2007      HLV, Berlin, in Kooperation mit dem Städelmuseum,                Frankfurt
2006     1. Preis: Kunst am Bau-Wettbewerb Hessischen Landesvertretung Berlin „Hiergetroffendort“
2005      „playtime“, in Kooperation mit dem Städelmuseum
Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt
2004      Institut für Sozialforschung (Adorno Institut) „mitohne“, Frankfurt
2003     Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg.
2000      Mewa Kunstpreis, Wiesbaden „Reichstagsbahnhof“. Kunstpreis – BDI, Berlin.
1997      1. Kunstpreis Hessen-Elsass

Art-Projects (Selection)

Humbold Universität Berlin

Equinet Bank, Frankfurt

Soziologische Fakultät, Universität, Wien

Blackstone – IBC Tower, Frankfurt

Add On Events, Frankfurt

IfS, Adorno Institut, Frankfurt

Minerva Institut, Tel Aviv

Hessische Staatskanzlei, Wiesbaden

Standard & Poors, Frankfurt

NH Hotel, Hamburg

Ahrens-Bimbose, PR, Frankfurt

Deutsche Bahn AG, Frankfurt

…and several other works in privat and public collections