Dagmar Sippel


“A votre service – auch auf Reisen…!“
L’autoportrait dans un verre à l’eau-de-vie, Paris 2016.
Or If you want to say it in English:
„Always on your service – even on tours!“
Self Portrait in a Shot Glass, Paris, 2016.

I manufactured the glass by myself especially for your project. It still is fresh as dew – Good Health!
My idea, my contribution to the project is a personalized shot glass with a self portrait of mine in it.
„Sometimes on journeys you need a little schnaps! In the sense of a bouncy waitress “always on your service” I´m open to help you. Santé!
You will find my image if you put a schnaps into the shot glass. Have much fun.
If you have a stomachache or after fatty food a little schnaps will work miracles. So it is sort of a tour kit from your good old friend Dagmar from Paris.

Paris, Oct. 2016
Dagmar Sippel


Born 11.10.1961 in Schwalmstadt/Treysa (Germany), lives and works in Paris since 1986
Member of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photographie (DGPH) in Cologne since 2008.
1993   First prize in “Begegnungen 93” Bonn (G); President: Prof. Dr. L. Fritz Gruber
1990   “Prize for Young European Photographers” German Leasing AG, Bad Homburg
1989   “Mai de la Photo” Reims/DRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Installation: DIANE and Acteon (F)
1989     Scholarship/Franco-German Youth Program, DFJW, Bad Honnef (G)
1988     Diploma. Art School GHK Kassel in Germany, student of Prof. Harry Kramer (G)

Exhibitions – Photos – Books

2016   Didier Marcelin : La cuisine que j’aime. Cookbook.
Photoweave: “Renate and L.Fritz Gruber”, Collection Gruber/Museum Ludwig,Cologne (G).
2015     “A votre service”, Galerie en Promenade, guest in Le Carré, Metz. (F)
Monumentoiles – art in the garden 2015, Metz.
2014     “111 Shops in Paris That You Shouldn’t Miss,“ Shopping-Guide, EMONS Cologne (G)
2014     “Me” – Photographique selfinszenation of women on the island of Sylt (G)
2013     “PEOPLE” – Book project
2012     “Beauty,” 12 Stereos in a wooden View-Box, Purchased by the Museum of Hunting and Nature, Paris
“I come and bring you roses”, Installation with stereos in the Church of Saint-Louis, Paris
“Pariserinnen, Frauenskulpturen in der Stadt“ – Book project
2010     “MesTissages,” Photoweaves, Point Rouge Gallery, Paris (F) “Transversalité,” group exposition, St.-Jean-de-Monts (F)
2009     “Encontras da Imagem 09,” Women – Festival Braga, Portugal
“Monumentoiles,“ Street Installation, Allones (F)
2008     “1.2.3. Cultures,“ Love Letters at the Goethe-Institut, Paris (F)
“Monumentoiles,” Photos in the streets, Le Mans (F)
2007     “Me Vois-Lâ,” Centre Iris, Paris (F)
2006     “Monumentoiles,” Photos in the streets of St. Jean and Allones (F)
2004     “Dagmar Sippel in the Hotel Hopper,” Photokina – Cologne (G)
2002     “Humor in Art Now,” CFDT, Espace Belleville, Paris (F)
“Paris in 3-D,” Musée Carnavalet (Mois de la Photo), Paris (F)
1999     The 12th :hotographique Meeting of Solignac, L’œil Ecoute (F)
1998     “Vacation,” Photo Biennale in VIGO, Spain (S)
1996     “Bounds of Boundlessness,” Image travels, Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst, Berlin (G)

Purchases – Collections
Collection Gruber, Museum Ludwig, Cologne (G).
Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris (F)
Museu de Imagem, Braga (P)
Hotel Hopper, Cologne (D)
Musée Carnavalet, Paris (F)
Photobienale Vigo (S)
Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst, Berlin (G)