Thomas Kampe




‚I travel with you‘

Dances that migrate through time, a task box for a yellow phone
Material: one smartphone, instructions for dance, London, 2016

Here is one of the 5 tasks that you can work with
Task 1 : Dancing from Photos

Have a look at all the images of Gertrud Bodenwieser and her dancers. What shapes do they make? What expression do they carry? What do they make you feel? What would the dance have looked like that the picture was taken from?
Could you make up some dance moves from one or two photos and perform them for each other?
You could set and remember the moves, or improvise with them. If you want you can teach them to each other in a small group and make a group dance from your interpretations.

London, Oct. 2016
Thomas Kampe


Thomas Kampe (PhD) was born in Kassel, Germany and works as Senior Lecturer for Acting at Bath Spa University, UK. He is a teacher of the Feldenkrais Method ® which forms a foundation for his teaching, research and artistic practice. Thomas has worked as a performance maker and pedagogue across the globe. Choreographic collaborations have included works with Liz Aggiss, Laura Belem, Carol Brown, Hilde Holger, Rosemary Lee, and an extensive exchange with theatre-director Julia Pascal over two decades. His most recent publications on Somatics and criticality include the chapter ‘The Art of Making Choices: The Feldenkrais Method as a Soma-Critique’ (Triarchy Press 2015), and ‘Eros and Inquiry – The Feldenkrais Method as a Complex Resource (TDPT 2015). He is currently working with Carol Brown on re-embodying the Bodenwieser Method, a seminal Central European Modernist Dance practice, through somatic-informed processes. Thomas is co-editing journal volumes for JDSP and the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) Research Journal.