Stephan von Borstel





Ligning in the Course of Arranging

Wooden bowl, 8 cm, two hiking compass,
Kassel, 2016

The compass has given us a verified orientation on maps and pieces of paper on drawings boards for centuries. It has served as a transparency until now. In times of satellite-supported navigation and localization the compass is being deprived of its very own function.
The compass needle, which is refined by magnetic iron ore, is heading towards the north in a self-forgotten way!
Above all, the compass used to be a projection of some kind of personal “poetic terrain”, which connected the protagonist with his / her desired world. This feeling of limitlessness turned inside out and reached the inner soul of people – doing so it became a reference frame for people´s yearnings. The world we experienced from a horizontal position made us look at the earth as if it was a globe.
The “white spots” on earth have been conquered by now; our living space has been asphalted in the meantime.
The earth is allowed to be a flat one again…
With the help of this object of art you may see that the compass with its magnetite needle is really pointing towards the north in a self-forgotten way – into nothingness!

Kassel, Oct. 2016
Stephan von Borstel


Geboren 1957 in Hamburg. Studium der Freien Kunst an der Hochschule der bildenden Künste in Kassel. Seit Ende der 1980er Jahre vorwiegend als freischaffender Künstler und Grafiker tätig. Neben der Realisierung von Ausstellungen (u.a. Gedenkstätte Breitenau, Automobile Welt Eisenach) auch szenografische Entwürfe und Durchführung diverser architektonischer Beiträge. Gestaltung unterschiedlichster Bücher, Plakate und Webpräsenzen. Im pädagogischen Kontext sowohl Unterrichtung von grafischen Gestaltungsmitteln für Berufstätige, als auch Kunstgeschichtliches hinsichtlich der Zusammenarbeit mit Oberstufenschülern an Gymnasien und Waldorfschulen.